Real Time Inventory & Tracking of Operational Assets

Chances are your industrial manufacturing, warehouse, or distribution facility relies on assets and equipment – both large and small – to keep your operation moving.

The Modjoul Watchdog provides a solution made for you.

Tech That Protects

Watchdog’s collection of detectors, sensors, and beacons integrates seamlessly into your operation, providing coverage of your entire facility, no matter the scale.

We know that every challenge is unique so Watchdog was designed to be customized from the ground up. The Modjoul team will help you determine the best combination of devices and wireless technologies for your specific goals and budget related to asset management.

Fool Proof and Future Proof

Watchdog setup is simple and quick. Clients begin seeing results immediately after the system is integrated into their workplace.

Visual and Audible Alerts

Provides visual and audible alerts when assets are near facility exits  

Actionable Data

Provides a wealth of data and customized reporting through the Modjoul dashboard to drive further loss reduction and compliance

Fast ROI

Results show a return-of-investment period of just weeks

Starting a Pilot is Easy 

Want to learn how a Modjoul solution can work for your operation?

Calculate Your ROI

Asset loss is likely costing your business more than you realize. Use our ROI calculator to get a quick overview of how our system can help.



Part of the Modjoul Ecosystem

Modjoul’s Watchdog System provides much more than asset & inventory management and loss prevention. Utilizing a range of technologies, Watchdog is also your solution for PPE compliance and is part of our industrial vehicles collision prevention system.