Patented Solutions to Protect Your Entire Workforce

Modjoul partners with our clients to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and help keep workers safe, healthy, and on the job. 

Modjoul’s worker safety solutions prevent injury and build healthier workplaces through patented solutions and systems, innovative technology, real-time measuring and feedback, and industry leading analysis.

We also know that every workplace is different. Modjoul partners with companies to assess the workplace environment and customize our safety solutions to address your specific priorities and challenges. 

The Cost of Workplace Injuries


Per Worker


Per Death


Per Medically Consulted Injury
Keep Your Entire Workforce Safe

Modjoul’s worker safety solutions prevent injury through real-time feedback and data analysis.

Lumbar Risk

Data on lumbar risk via data on bending and twisting including angle, duration, and count

Forklift Safety

Prevent accidents and injuries involving forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles

PPE Compliance

Ensure employees are wearing required PPE before entering a PPE-required area

Temperature Warnings

Detects either extreme cold or hot conditions and starts a timer for the employee to have a break

Lone Worker Safety

Detects lack of movement and sends a message if two-way button is pressed

Repetitive Motion Alerts

Thresholds are set for an employee or process and an alert is sent when met
Group 13

Crane Safety

Protects workers working with or near cranes, which account for some of the most dangerous workplace accidents

Calculate Your ROI

Worker injury claims are likely costing your business more than you realize. Use our ROI calculator to get a quick overview of how our system can help. 


Tech That Protects

Modjoul pairs industry-leading data analysis with cutting-edge wearable and RFID technologies to create some of the safest workplaces out there.

Modjoul workplace safety products

Our technology keeps workers safe through a continuous improvement cycle.


Data collected in the Modjoul platform is reviewed by employees and supervisors. 


New training and procedures can then be implemented, informed by Modjoul data.


Modjoul’s SmartBelt and Watchdog technology informs users of unsafe movements or activities in real time.