Keep Your Entire Workforce Safe

Modjoul’s worker safety solutions prevent injury through real-time feedback and data analysis.

Lumbar Risk

Data on lumbar risk via data on bending and twisting including angle, duration, and count

Forklift Safety

Prevent accidents and injuries involving forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles

PPE Compliance

Ensure employees are wearing required PPE before entering a PPE-required area

Temperature Warnings

Detects either extreme cold or hot conditions and starts a timer for the employee to have a break

Lone Worker Safety

Detects lack of movement and sends a message if two-way button is pressed

Repetitive Motion Alerts

Thresholds are set for an employee or process and an alert is sent when met

Tech That Protects

Modjoul pairs industry-leading data analysis with cutting-edge wearable and RFID technologies to create some of the safest workplaces out there.

Modjoul workplace safety products

Our technology keeps workers safe through a continuous cycle.


Data collected in the Modjoul platform is reviewed by employees and supervisors. 


New training and procedures can then be implemented, informed by Modjoul data.


Modjoul’s SmartBelt and Watchdog technology informs users of unsafe movements or activities in real time.

Closeup view of the Modjoul Smartbelt

The SmartBelt Wearable

Just clip and go

Leverage state of the art, easy-to-use technology to prevent injury in the workplace. This small, lightweight device is worn like a belt, providing workers with real-time haptic feedback.


Forget About Forgetting PPE

The proper use of PPE is key to eliminating preventable injuries in the workplace. Our Watchdog System helps ensure site-wide compliance.

Closeup view of the Modjoul Watchdog exit detector

How Does Modjoul Reduce Back Injuries?

Back injuries account for 20 percent of all workplace injuries and illnesses. Modjoul helps employers develop targeted ergonomic and movement training to reduce these injuries.
Our lumbar risk reduction solutions is supported by data you can trust. By measuring bending and twisting — including angle and duration — Modjoul provides employers a comprehensive, accurate picture of back injury risk in the workplace. We combine that data with a best-in-class safety wearable that provides real-time haptic alerts to workers who are performing risky movements.

Download the Lumbar Risk Reference

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How Do We Reduce Forklift Driving Risks?

Operating forklifts impacts the body in specific ways while creating unique workplace safety challenges and accident risks. OSHA estimates at least 35,000 people are injured by forklifts in the workplace every year, and about 100 people die as a result of workplace accidents involving forklifts. Modjoul’s SmartBelt and Watchdog prevent those high-severity accidents, while reducing other impacts on employee safety generated by forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles.

Interested in learning more about forklift driving safety and risk management?

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Improve PPE Compliance and Effectiveness With Modjoul

Workplace injuries are largely preventable, but result either because a proper safety assessment program hasn’t been developed and implemented or because of non-compliance with some element of the plan. For example, providing state-of-the-art personal protective equipment does little good if employees fail to use it appropriately and consistently. Modjoul’s insights and technology helps companies in a wide range of industries and work environments improve PPE compliance. The result is safer, healthier workplaces and workers. Is PPE a part of your operations?

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Protecting Your Workers From Dangerous Temperatures

Work-related injuries, illnesses, and even deaths due to environmental heat exposure number in the thousands every year. Despite an abundance of education about the perils of extreme temperatures, many businesses still don’t have a reliable, actionable method for measuring this risk. Modjoul does. When the Modjoul SmartBelt detects a risky temperature, it automatically triggers a timer that notifies the wearer when they need to stop working and get out of the heat or cold.

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Do You Have A Lone Worker Safety Plan?

In industries such as utilities, construction, trucking, logistics, manufacturing and many others, lone workers make up a significant (and ever-growing) percentage of the workforce. These workers can face a higher risk of injury or even death on the job. When they encounter problems – such as an injury, a fall, or other types of accidents – it is essential to have an alert system that enables a quick response.

Modjoul can help. Our experts have evaluated hundreds of workplaces and can help you identify how to reduce the risk of injuries – including for lone workers.

The Modjoul SmartBelt’s technology protects lone workers. It can be triggered to send an alert either manually by pressing the device’s button or automatically if it detects a lack of movement that could indicate a worker has had an accident.

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Environmental Solutions

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