Miners Give It Their All Everyday

HaloGuard Gives Them The Protection They Deserve.

Our bilateral collision avoidance system prevents accidents, keeps mineworkers safe, and ensures mining operations meet MSHA regulations.

Large machinery at work in a mining operation

How Does HaloGuard Protect Mining Operations?

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Learn more about the new MSHA regulations and how our HaloGuard system mitigates risk with bilateral collision avoidance technology.

Patented Technology That Raises the Bar For Mine Safety

Utilizing ultrawide band technology, Modjoul’s MineGuard 360 system establishes safety rings around vehicles, distinguishing between warning and danger zones. The system also equips miners with their own safety ring so that they receive notifications when within proximity of vehicles.


Proximity Alerts

Drivers & pedestrians are alerted to each other through vibration, sounds, and light alerts.


Exit Detection

Get visual and audible alerts when assets, equipment and inventory are near exits.


Speed Control

Automatic speed control for vehicles using the collision avoidance system.

Condition Tracking

Detects either extreme cold or hot conditions and starts a timer for the employee to have a break

Do You Have A Surface Mobile Haulage Equipment Safety Plan?

The MSHA now requires it. Modjoul can help. Modjoul’s solutions for mining operations will ensure you check off the following requirements:


Identify and analyze hazards and reduce the resulting risks related to the movement and operation of surface mobile equipment


Identify currently available and newly emerging feasible technologies.

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