Revolutionizing Forklift Safety

Our safety system to reduce industrial powered vehicle accidents is a game-changer.

Operating forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles impacts the body in specific ways and creates unique workplace safety challenges and accident risks.

Modjoul partners with companies to assess the workplace environment and customize our industrial vehicle safety system to address their unique challenges and reduce the risk of accidents and collisions.


Annual forklift injuries in the workplace each year
Forklift accidents cost billions in claims and other costs, in addition to the incalculable human tragedy.

Powered by collision avoidance technology

We combine our SmartBelt safety wearable with a state-of-the-art collision avoidance system to improve driver safety and prevent high-severity accidents.

Millimeter Accuracy

Modjoul’s forklift safety system includes bilateral collision avoidance and accident prevention. Using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) beacon technology, industrial vehicle location can be monitored in real-time within millimeters. Drivers are alerted to a worker’s presence via tablet-like display.
Proximity alerts you can feel
Workers on the floor receive haptic proximity alerts from the Modjoul SmartBelt wearable, alerting them to the presence of a forklift or other industrial powered vehicle.
Sees what can’t be seen
Additional receivers can be strategically positioned throughout your facility to provide real-time communication that powers blind-corner alerts for both drivers and workers on the floor.

Flexible Technologies

Workplaces where workers and forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles co-exist more safely than ever before.

Calculate Your ROI

Calculate your return on investment when you implement the Modjoul SmartBelt System for worker safety.