Heightened Crane Safety for Your Worksite

Modjoul’s HaloGuard for Cranes

More than 40 people are killed and dozens more are seriously injured every year as a result of accidents involving worksite cranes. Our bilateral collision avoidance system helps prevent crane accidents.

Powered by bilateral collision avoidance technology

HaloGuard for cranes prevents accidents by creating a virtual halo for both the operator and pedestrian.

No other system ensures both operator and pedestrian remain aware of each other’s presence. It’s the only bilateral collision avoidance system on the market.

How does HaloGuard work?

Step 1

Implement HaloGuard

Crane safety zones can be monitored in real-time. Operators are alerted to a worker’s presence via tablet-like display.

Step 2

Proximity Alerts You Can Feel

Pedestrians on site receive haptic vibrations, alerting them to the presence of crane activity in their proximity.

Step 3

The Data

Data is gathered and synced to the cloud instantly allowing so you can make better informed decisions through Modjoul’s easy-to-use dashboard.

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See How Modjoul Compares

Not only is Modjoul’s technology easy to integrate and setup, but we offer more features than anyone else, creating a combination of safety and operational efficiency that’s second to none.

The following data was collected by a leading insurance brokerage firm. We have intentionally removed the names of our competitors.

Modjoul Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C
Active Data Collection
Dashboard Analytics
Real-Time Haptic Feedback
Body Mechanics Monitoring
Fall Prevention
Fall Detection
SOS Alerts
Air Monitoring
Noise Monitoring
Proximity Detection / Alarm
Crash Detection / Alarm
Environmental Temperature Monitoring
Forklift Driving Score
PPE Compliance
FINAL SCORE 13 / 14 7 / 14 7 / 14 8 / 14

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