Modern Manufacturing Is A Marvel.

Keeping Workers Safe Remains A Big Problem

The world’s most advanced manufacturing companies today make products that in ways that could only be imagined not long ago. Those technological advances haven’t solved the issue of workplace safety. Far too many manufacturing workers are seriously injured on the job.

With Modjoul’s help, manufacturing companies can apply new technologies to the age-old problem of workplace safety.

Anyplace people make things, Modjoul helps them do it more safely than ever before.

While technology has created profound changes in manufacturing, people still lift, twist and/or bend in virtually every manufacturing operation. Forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles operate within close proximity of other vehicles and pedestrians. Despite some improvements, worker injuries remain a big problem.

Manufacturers who partner with Modjoul are leading the way in creating a safer industry.

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Patented Technology That Is Changing The Manufacturing Industry

The Modjoul SmartBelt, HaloGuard and Watchdog systems have been designed and built for manufacturing. Operations that use one or any combination of the three are on the leading edge of the industry.

SmartBelt Features
HaloGuard Features
Warehouse worker with virtual safety halo demonstrating proximity warning of a forklift
Watchdog Features

A Better, Safer Operation
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Whether you want to start by solving one problem or are looking for a complete ecosystem, integrating Modjoul’s solutions into your operations is easy.

Injury Prevention Bundle

Everything you need to get started with ergonomic and musculoskeletal injury prevention:

Forklift Safety Bundle

Everything you need to get started with our HaloGuard system:

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