Your Workplace Safety Data In One Place

The Modjoul SmartBelt and Watchdog systems provide a wealth of powerful, actionable intelligence at your fingertips. All of the workplace safety data collected from our ecosystem of safety and environmental sensors is collected and managed using our easy to use dashboard.

A Total Ecosystem For Measuring Safety

Manage your worker safety, assets, and inventory with the following features:

Lumbar Risk Scoring

Scoring on lumbar risk via data on bending and twisting including angle, duration, and count

Forklift Driving

Detects underlying vibration caused by the forklift and calculates duration and driving score

PPE Compliance

Ensure employees are wearing all required PPE before entering a PPE-required area

Temperature Warnings

Detects either extreme cold or hot conditions and starts a timer for the employee to have a break

Lone Worker Safety

Detects lack of movement and sends a message if two-way button is pressed

Repetitive Motion Alerts

Thresholds are set for an employee or process and an alert is sent when met

Inventory Control

Track & manage inventory with a live count showing the number of assets currently available

Asset Management

Keep track of availability of assets to ensure employees have all they need to work

Actionable Data At Your Fingertips

Good data drives great decisions.
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Environmental Solutions

5 new sensors broaden your understanding of warehouse & working conditions

Calculate Your ROI

Use our custom ROI calculator to see how much of an impact the Modjoul Platform can make on your bottom line.