The World’s Best Distribution Centers Use Modjoul

Warehouses, fulfillment centers, package handling centers and cross-dock facilities are changing for the better with Modjoul. Injury rates and workers comp claims are plummeting while retention, production and efficiency are on the rise.

A Better Way (and Place) To Work

Modjoul has years of experience making distribution and warehouse environments safer, more efficient — and just better places to work overall.

While all of our turnkey solutions are easily integrated into your operations, we also know that every operation and every workforce is a little different. Here are the hallmarks of a Modjoul-supported distribution center:

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Patented Technology That Is Changing The Industry

The Modjoul SmartBelt, HaloGuard and Watchdog systems were originally built with distribution centers in mind. Operations that use one or any combination of the three are on the leading edge of the industry.

SmartBelt Features
HaloGuard Features
Warehouse worker with virtual safety halo demonstrating proximity warning of a forklift
Watchdog Features

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