A Large E-commerce Company

The world’s largest e-commerce company set out with the goal to determine if new data on the ergonomic movements of their associates could reduce injuries and improve the productivity of their operations. The multi-site deployment looked at four different job positions across hundreds of associates within their warehouse operations​.

Key Insights

  • The use of a haptic tool corrected for "out of compliance" behavior and resulted in a reduction in risky behaviors.​
  • The data captured was able to identify associates who were most at risk for injury and provide their names to the Injury Prevention Specialist​
  • Injury Prevention Specialists have proven that they can change the behavior of the risk outliers and lower the risk of the operations. ​
  • Associates can work safely and produce higher output. It was proven that Modjoul’s technology paired with proper coaching reduced the overall amount of bending per associate. Most importantly, the amount of risky bending was reduced. ​

Analyze and improve

The Injury Prevention Specialists were able to use Modjoul data to work with individual outliers on improving their behavior. Without Modjoul’s data, it is extremely difficult to find which associates need training or which processes will lead to injuries.



Every employee, across three different job roles, improved their bending profile with the introduction of haptic feedback.



28,000 bends greater than 600 per week were eliminated through targeted coaching based on Modjoul’s automated outlier reporting.



40,000 bends per week were eliminated through improved awareness of body mechanics​.

Start A Pilot

Most of Modjoul’s clients start with a pilot to gather baseline data while integrating our technology and solutions into the workplace. To learn more, contact our team today!