Modjoul's Metrics

Modjoul works with data from all of the technologies in place. Find out more about some of the different data categories.

Lumbar Scoring

Lumbar injuries account for 20% of all workplace injuries. With Modjoul’s wearable device, you’ll have more information than ever about your employees’ risk for back injury. Reducing or even eliminating lumbar injuries will help keep your workforce fit and at work.

MET Score

Do you know how much energy your employees are using? Do you know how much energy your workforce is wasting? Studies prove as an individual’s MET score (energy exertion) rises, so too does their “wasted” energy, which often leads to lower productivity and more injuries.

Time Worn Data

You need results and you want them fast. Modjoul knows how quickly integrating our wearable SmartBelt will improve safety in your workplace. Our data demonstrates there is a marked reduction of risky movements and bends in as few as 10 to 25 hours of SmartBelt wear time. And the improvement in physical mechanics continues for the majority of wearers through 100 hours of wear time.

Asset Management ROI

When it comes to ROI, Modjoul delivers on a number of fronts, including preventing the loss of expensive assets, equipment and inventory. Indeed, asset loss represents a significant threat to your bottom line. Modjoul’s Watchdog Inventory Management System is easy to implement and provides comprehensive inventory management.