What does it mean when the device vibrates? 

A vibration indicates that you are engaging in a bend greater than 60 degrees. This is considered an unsafe or dangerous bend, and you should bend your knees to avoid straining your back.

How do I use the device?  

Easy – the Modjoul SmartBelt is a “wear-and-go” system. Simply wear it around your waist like a belt. Employees can refer to the signs posted near charging stations to learn how to check out a device and how to wear it properly. Supervisors and risk/EHS professionals will receive training material with all necessary information to […]

How does the device keep me safe?  

The device keeps you safe by providing haptic feedback (vibration) in the case of an unsafe bend. This vibration should serve as your reminder to bend with your knees when lifting. All collected data is viewable in the Modjoul mobile app or web dashboard.

Why should I wear a SmartBelt? 

The Modjoul SmartBelt is personal protective equipment that measures ergonomic performance and prevents injuries, in particular lower lumbar injuries. Back injuries account for 20 percent of all workplace injuries and illnesses. Wearing a Modjoul device can prevent lumbar strains and sprains.