A Major Hospitality Management Company

Modjoul ran a month-long proof of concept with one of the nation’s largest independent hospitality management companies to quantify lumbar stress and educate its employees on proper bending and twisting techniques. The hospitality company currently manages 115 hotels with nearly 17,000 guest rooms in 27 states and the District of Columbia.

Key Insights

In the proof of concept, the hotel outfitted 13 housekeepers with the Modjoul SmartBelt to accomplish two things:
  • Understand, quantifiably, how much lower lumbar activity their housekeepers were performing on a daily basis.
  • Identify areas of opportunities to reduce some of these movements.
In the first two weeks, it was determined that on average, housekeepers bend around 120 times per hour, with roughly 30% of these bends occurring at angles over 60 ̊ forward. It was also determined that a housekeeper, on average, spends 8 minutes of every hour in a bent position. The initial data set allowed the hotel supervisors and management team to have conversations with employees around proper bending techniques.

Analyze and improve

Modjoul turned on the haptic response after the 2nd week to reiterate to the worker when they are performing an at risk movement. Combining this with the training and education gave workers real-time feedback that they were performing risky movements and allowed them to recall their training on how to improve.

As a result of using the Modjoul SmartBelts, the hospitality company saw significant reductions in bend counts and durations:



By the end of the PoC, on average, the housekeepers were bending roughly 80 times per hour. This is a reduction of roughly 30%.



The time spent in a bent position was also reduced dramatically. By the end of the PoC, housekeepers were spending under 4 minutes in a bent position every hour.

Start A Pilot

Most of Modjoul’s clients start with a pilot to gather baseline data while integrating our technology and solutions into the workplace. To learn more, contact our team today!