How is data gathered by Modjoul’s devices used?

Data gathered may reveal patterns in dangerous bending activity. By viewing your data or noticing the SmartBelt’s haptic vibration, you may find that risky bends are more frequent while doing a specific task or at a particular time of day. On a larger scale, an organization may notice certain job roles or tasks are riskier […]

What happens if I forget to take my device off?

If an exit detection system is present in the facility, the system will light up and/or set off an alarm when you attempt to exit with the device.  Failure to return a device may prevent you from checking out another until the original one is returned.

Can I take the belt off during my shift?

The belt should be worn at all times when working to warn you of unsafe activity. The belt can be removed as needed to use the restroom/exit the facility/etc.

What does the green light mean?

The green light indicates the SmartBelt is functioning properly while being worn. If no light is displayed when the device is taken out of the charging station, press the ‘1’ reset button. If the LED remains unlit, or the device displays a color other than green, return it to the charging station and check out […]

What do the buttons on the device do?

All button functionality is configurable. In the standard configuration, all buttons are disabled except for the reset button labeled ‘1’ on the back of the device.