When IoT Meets AI

Digitalization of a futuristic artificial intelligence. Animation. Colorful visualization of machine

According to recent reports, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with Blockchain are technologies that will reshape business [1, 2]. Among these three, IoT and AI have seen rapid growth in the recent years. For instance, it is estimated that an average of 127 per second new devices connect to the internet […]

AI: Is Winter Coming?

Artificial intelligence in financial activities

Artificial Intelligence interest, investment, and advancement, experienced peaks and troughs since the very first AI breakthroughs emerged in early 1950. Peaks of AI investment and development are called “Summers,” and troughs, where AI investments decreased are called “Winters”. We have experience 3 full cycles of AI Summers and Winters, so far. With more hype and […]