3 Ways to Intelligently Apply Contact Tracing Wearables

Now at this very moment I knew that the United States was in the war…. Hitler’s fate was sealed. Mussolini’s fate was sealed. As for the Japanese, they would be ground to a powder. All the rest was the proper application of overwhelming force.”

– Winston Churchill

You care for your employees, you bought the latest and the greatest Contact Tracing gadgets for the workplace, you have huge amounts of data pouring in and the employees get social distance violation haptic feedbacks instantly, now what? How do you use this overwhelming force of technology to efficiently combat COVID-19? How do you apply this superior strength to keep your employees safe?

1. Be more proactive than reactive

If you do not want to play catch up with COVID-19, you need to be proactive with your Contact Tracing data from the wearables and make workplace changes based on the data.

Fig 1. Modjoul provides week by week analysis for our customers to take proactive measures

From the above graph you can clearly see that the Team 1 is having Contact Tracing violations far more than any other team. This proves that Team 1 is working much closer than we thought. Keeping the workstations farther between the members of Team 1 can go a long way to avoiding COVID-19 altogether at your workplace.

If in some cases, distances between member cannot be changed due to logistical reasons, equipping Team 1 with better PPE and keeping less members in that team can also prevent the virus spread. Don’t wait for someone to get sick!

2. Isolate your Super-Spreaders

We have all heard stories of Super-Spreaders in various parts of the world like that ‘Patient 31’ in South Korea who spread the virus to 1200 people. Data from wearable technologies like Modjoul provides you with invaluable insights related to the employee who is coming in contact with different people at your workplace.

Fig 2. Modjoul dashboard provides details of the contact traces for employees (Employee names blanked out for privacy)

The above table shows the employees sorted by number of unique of contact traces, the employee with the highest unique contacts is your super spreader. Modjoul also provides who exactly is in contact with the super-spreader at what time during the day.

Here again, the principle of proactive measures plays a key role. Either you can change the job role of the super-spreader, so he does not meet as many people or provide him with a much stronger PPE. 3. Employees need to use it!

This may sound like a ‘duh!’ advice, but you would be surprised how many of your employees think themselves invincible or believe COVID-19 to be a hoax/conspiracy or they are just plain lazy to use something as simple as a mask. The wearable technology is only effective if your employees use it regularly, even one day of not using it will exclude the employee from Contact Trace report which will put the entire workplace at risk. If this person indeed were infected, you would need to rely on memory to know whom he/she encountered that day.

Fig 3. Modjoul provides detail usage statistics for team members (All the numbers are in hours)

To avoid shutting down the whole workplace, employees need to be very disciplined with using Contact Tracing technology. Employers and upper management need to create the culture and habits of COVID-19 safety in order to intelligently use the superior force we have at our disposal.

The 1918 Spanish Flu affected workplaces would have given an arm and a leg to have this wonder weapon to combat the lethal virus. We are fortunate to have it, let’s use it right!

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