Nearly Every Modjoul Client Starts With a Pilot

Since Modjoul was founded in 2016, we have worked with hundreds of companies to build safer workplaces, reduce injuries, improve culture, and drive new efficiencies.

It sounds trite and obvious, but it’s true: Every workplace and situation is unique. So while our expertise and experience gives us a great starting point, starting with a pilot and then scaling up based on what we learn is usually how we partner with new clients. 

In fact, nearly every Modjoul client starts with a pilot, a highly collaborative process during which Modjoul strategically integrates our solution and patented technology into the workplace. During the pilot phase of a deployment, we ensure our new customer can take full advantage of the array of features our solutions provide that help build a safer and more efficient workplace. 

During the pilot, we put a premium on ensuring a seamless installation of equipment. We work with you to ensure we are minimizing disruption to your operation. We combine that with in-depth education on the metrics and improvements achieved to build trust with your workforce. The pilot deployment serves as an abbreviated opportunity to learn what is possible with a broad deployment across the workforce.

Here’s how it works:

1. Pilot Modeling Phase

  • Measures ergonomic performance and physical movements such as bending and twisting
  • Uses haptic alerts when needed to correct ergonomic performance and avoid injury
  • Provides real-time data to allow supervisors to quickly respond to problem areas

2. Pilot Phase:

  • Analysis: Through both ongoing data analysis and feedback with the client, identify what is working well, as well as lessons learned.

3. Scaling Modeling Phase

  • Budgeting: Along with company management, determine how to allocate the budget to maximize results going forward. (Eg, commit entire budget to entire operations at one site or to specific operations across multiple sites.)
  • Reporting: As a pilot grows, so do the number of users. With increased users, comes increased amounts of data to understand. Reporting tools are critical to be able to act on the data that is collected. Whether it’s dashboards to monitor the performance and effectiveness of the program, or custom alerts and messages delivered to front-line leaders to ensure engagement and compliance with the program.
  • API Integration: Identify and develop a plan to integrate Modjoul data into the client’s systems
  • Logistics Planning: Research and develop a plan for shipping and other logistical considerations. Identify any restrictions or relationships the client has with shipping companies, and develop a timeline and budget.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us to schedule a demo, ask questions about our pilot process, or just to start a conversation about your situation and needs! We’d love to hear from you.

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