SmartBelt’s Hidden Features

The Modjoul SmartBelt is now in use across dozens of industries. On any given day, thousands of SmartBelt-equipped workers enjoy increased protection from injury with the SmartBelt.

But while injury prevention is the primary goal, that’s not all the SmartBelt does. In fact, depending on the industry and particular job being performed, the SmartBelt includes a range of what some of our clients have described as “hidden features,” all of which promote increased workplace safety and efficiency. 

We prefer the term additional features, but however you want to describe them, they certainly help make the SmartBelt exactly that.

Just to recap, you already know that the SmartBelt:

  • Measures ergonomic performance and physical movements such as bending and twisting
  • Uses haptic alerts when needed to correct ergonomic performance and avoid injury
  • Provides real-time data to allow supervisors to quickly respond to problem areas

In addition, the SmartBelt can be programmed to:

  • Increase the safety and security of lone workers. The SmartBelt can detect inactivity and send an alert to a supervisor or other team member in the event a lone worker has fallen or otherwise become debilitated. The SmartBelt is also equipped with an alert button that can be pressed to send for help.
  • A SmartBelt button can also be programmed to be used by workers to alert supervisors of maintenance or other concerns on the line or in their area.
  • When used as part of our Haloguard system, the SmartBelt provides additional equipment location, downtime and utilization insights that help to improve efficiency as you improve safety.

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