Scaling a Product: Things to Consider

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Scaling with a product is something few consider until the requirement knocks at the door. When research and development are in full flow and all sorts of innovative ideas are being explored, scaling challenges often take a back seat. This is one of the things that differentiates a seasoned product developer versus the amateur ones. […]

Giving Back & Paying it Forward

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When I think about pivotal times in my life, I can pinpoint special people who lifted me up and gave me confidence in my intellect, my athleticism, or my work itself. When I think of myself in undergraduate school at the University of North Dakota, I think about Sherry O’Donnell, PhD who mentored me, sponsored […]

Modjoul: An Intern Experience

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Modjoul doesn’t shy away from a challenge. As a pandemic raced its way across the country, Modjoul was on the move, designing and implementing the Modjoul Health App and adding social distancing and contact tracing to their workplace wearables. While many companies across the country were canceling internships and sending students home, Modjoul chose to […]

Modjoul’s Founding

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We are always asked the question of the story of what on earth got into our minds to start Modjoul and what was the story behind it. The funny thing is that it didn’t take much thought, just a good idea we were all in. Eric Martinez and I worked together at AIG. He in […]

The Effect of 3D Printing

Three dimensional printing machine

You may not realize it, but 3D printing, additive manufacturing, is infiltrating your daily life. Within the coming years every airliner, vehicle and millions of other products will contain parts or be fully made using additive manufacturing. 3D printing has also led to a revolution in design allowing for reduced lead times, higher efficiency, multiplied […]

Small Company, Big Goals

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The great thing about working for or with a small company is flexibility and the ability to customize solutions to exact customer wants and needs. There is no long “drawn out” convoluted process to get things done in order to keep existing clients happy and really wow prospective customers. It is much easier to offer […]

Alan Kay said it best…

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It was Alan Kay who said, “people who are serious about software should build their own hardware”. This thought, echoed by Steve Jobs in one of his famous presentation’s, packs multiple layers underneath. Hardware is always a scary prospect for startups, mainly due to the below factors Manufacturing Supply chain management Extensive R&D Inventory storage […]