Team Spotlight: Q&A with Praveen Nedumpully, PhD

Meet Praveen Nedumpully, Modjoul’s Head of Data Science. Praveen leads a team around which nearly everything Modjoul does revolves, working directly with our technology and client strategy teams on an everyday basis. So what does that look like? Learn more from Praveen himself! Question: How long have you been with Modjoul?Praveen: I have been with […]

Team Spotlight: Q&A with Itmenon Towfeeq

Meet Itmenon Towfeeq, Modjoul’s Head of Technology. Itmenon has been with Modjoul from the start, and his expertise in electrical engineering has been essential in the design and development of Modjoul’s solutions. We also loved what Itmenon had to say about Modjoul’s evolution and future! Question: How long have you been with Modjoul?Itmenon: I have […]

Team Spotlight: Q&A with Joshua Turner

Meet Joshua Turner, one of our client strategy and solutions managers here at Modjoul. Joshua joined the Modjoul team a couple of years after our founding. He has been helping clients across a wide range of industries integrate Modjoul’s solutions and analyze the wealth of data our platform provides ever since! Learn more about him […]

How Modjoul Helps Companies Transition Safety From Procedural to Cultural

It may sound trite, but it’s unquestionably true: Today’s business leaders must navigate historic disruptions to keep their companies on solid footing. From supply chain and workforce development challenges to ever-growing regulatory demands, leadership teams that deliver sustained profits while optimizing operations must be both more disciplined and more agile than ever, able to respond […]

Team Spotlight: Q&A with Sarah Essich

Say hello to Sarah Essich, our Director of Client Strategies and Solutions here at Modjoul. Sarah is one of our team’s most experienced and knowledgeable members, and we’d love for you to get to know more about her role and why she’s so passionate about our work.  Question: How long have you been with Modjoul? […]

Modjoul’s Birthday: Q&A with Our Founders

History of Modjoul  Modjoul is celebrating its 7th year in operation this month. From a startup housed above a pizza shop to a company with clients from coast to coast, it has been a fast-paced ride. We took some time to look back with CEO Eric Martinez and COO Jen Thorson, Modjoul’s co-founders, on the […]

Scaling a Product: Things to Consider

Chart, Business

Scaling with a product is something few consider until the requirement knocks at the door. When research and development are in full flow and all sorts of innovative ideas are being explored, scaling challenges often take a back seat. This is one of the things that differentiates a seasoned product developer versus the amateur ones. […]

Giving Back & Paying it Forward

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When I think about pivotal times in my life, I can pinpoint special people who lifted me up and gave me confidence in my intellect, my athleticism, or my work itself. When I think of myself in undergraduate school at the University of North Dakota, I think about Sherry O’Donnell, PhD who mentored me, sponsored […]

Modjoul: An Intern Experience

Young Businesswoman in Internship

Modjoul doesn’t shy away from a challenge. As a pandemic raced its way across the country, Modjoul was on the move, designing and implementing the Modjoul Health App and adding social distancing and contact tracing to their workplace wearables. While many companies across the country were canceling internships and sending students home, Modjoul chose to […]

Modjoul’s Founding

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We are always asked the question of the story of what on earth got into our minds to start Modjoul and what was the story behind it. The funny thing is that it didn’t take much thought, just a good idea we were all in. Eric Martinez and I worked together at AIG. He in […]