Modjoul: An Intern Experience

Modjoul doesn’t shy away from a challenge. As a pandemic raced its way across the country, Modjoul was on the move, designing and implementing the Modjoul Health App and adding social distancing and contact tracing to their workplace wearables. While many companies across the country were canceling internships and sending students home, Modjoul chose to rise to the challenge. Modjoul hired a total of five interns this summer, giving them each a unique work experience.

I started my internship at Modjoul in May and have been given a whirlwind of opportunities during my time here. Although a Biomedical Engineer by education, I was given customer service, marketing, and product design opportunities. On my first day at Modjoul, I jumped right into work 3-D printing prototypes, and since then, I designed the box for the new Modjoul Device, communicated with customers about their Modjoul Health app, and performed data testing. The people at Modjoul teach by doing and have never treated me less than equal. Immediately the team trusted my work, implemented my ideas on multiple projects, and consistently pushed me out of my comfort zone.

These projects have made interning at Modjoul a one-of-a-kind experience. As friends and colleagues shared experiences of their summers behind desks, given endless busywork, I was working hands-on with the Modjoul Team. Although at first the idea of my work having a direct impact on the company was terrifying, the Modjoul team supported me, pushing me out of my comfort zone, teaching me valuable lessons about working in the digital health industry.

The two big lessons I have learned during my time at Modjoul are; trust yourself to do the task at hand and always have high standards. Modjoul prides itself on its frictionless teamwork, attentive customer care, and high-quality products. This pride spreads to the work we all do, and every project performed is completed with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. Being an intern can be filled with so much uncertainty and a huge learning curve. These two lessons at Modjoul aided in my growth as an engineer and gave me the confidence as an employee that will follow me post-graduation.

Overall I am incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities Modjoul has given me, and can’t wait to continue working with them!

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