Team Spotlight: Q&A with Sarah Essich

Say hello to Sarah Essich, our Director of Client Strategies and Solutions here at Modjoul. Sarah is one of our team’s most experienced and knowledgeable members, and we’d love for you to get to know more about her role and why she’s so passionate about our work. 

Question: How long have you been with Modjoul?

Sarah: 5 years this October

Q: What attracted you to Modjoul? 

S: I was excited for the opportunity to jump feet first into a very small startup that had just gone to market with a product focused around employee safety. As I often say, our goal is to make sure that employees are able to pick up grandbabies and go fishing on the weekends after a hard week’s work. What could be more important?

Q: What are your responsibilities? 

S: My responsibilities inside Modjoul have evolved throughout my time. Primarily, my role consists of educating our current and prospective customers and their employees about Modjoul’s technology and assisting in highlighting the key data insights that drive improved safety and reduced risk in the workplace. Secondarily, like any small organization, I get the opportunity to lend a hand in other day-to-day operational needs and lend my perspective with our tech-driven road map for the future.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role and why? 

S: I wholeheartedly enjoy the relationships I’m fortunate enough to build and the continuous learning that’s required in my role. The meaningful relationships not only include those among the entire Modjoul team, but also those with our partners, customers, and their employees. I get to celebrate with each person I know, not only the improvements seen in the workplace, but also life’s most important events like birthdays, the birth of children, and major life milestones. Additionally, coming from a background that did not have an emphasis on tech, the opportunities to add new “tools” to my knowledge base has been really exciting. I’m forever thankful for the Modjoul team for their patience as I picked up new concepts and asked A LOT of questions.

Q: What are you excited about looking ahead? 

S: As I look ahead, I’m most excited about how Modjoul continuously improves and adds to our product suite based on customer feedback. As technology changes, Modjoul is the first to explore how we can implement those changes for our customers’ benefit. Our ever-evolving product means getting the opportunity to serve our customers in new and exciting ways that translate to even more powerful data-driven solutions that prevent injury and improve safety.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work? 

S: Outside of work, I love to join friends around the table of a new restaurant serving innovative dishes, catch a Broadway performance or live concert, or jump on a plane to a new destination.

Q: Since you love traveling, what has been your favorite trip? Any places on your bucket list? 

S: Traveling is in my blood. I’ve been lucky enough to visit every continent with the exception of Antarctica. My African safari, off-roading in the desert of Dubai, or seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland all top my list. My bucket list of traveling spots is anywhere I haven’t been yet. My philosophy is an adventure can be found wherever you find yourself.

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