Small Company, Big Goals

The great thing about working for or with a small company is flexibility and the ability to customize solutions to exact customer wants and needs. There is no long “drawn out” convoluted process to get things done in order to keep existing clients happy and really wow prospective customers. It is much easier to offer great customer support when there is no corporate red tape to get through.

The not so great thing about working at a small company is limited marketing resources. Most small companies don’t have the resources to have a dedicated marketing team or the ability to pour enough money into large ad campaigns. Instead they rely heavily on word of mouth and referral-based marketing as the primary avenue for growth.

We owe so much to our wonderful referral clients who have helped us grow our business by making connections for us with the right people. Malcom Gladwell refers to these people as “Connectors” in his book The Tipping Point. He describes these people as the ones we know that seem to know everyone. “They are sociable, gregarious, and are naturally skilled at making — and keeping in contact with — friends and acquaintances.” These wonderful people are the friends that allow companies like ours to exist, grow, and thrive.

At Modjoul we have had the privilege to partner and build relationships with “connectors” who have greatly improved our reach and have introduced us to new opportunities. We have met and worked with wonderful “connectors” in the worlds of; insurance, ergonomics, manufacturing, logistics, and retail companies with extensive supply chains. They are such a large part of our company’s success, and they are people that we can’t thank enough for their friendship and continued support. They have unknowingly become our marketing team and an integral part of our company.

So… Thank you Connectors!

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