Team Spotlight: Q&A with Itmenon Towfeeq

Meet Itmenon Towfeeq, Modjoul’s Head of Technology. Itmenon has been with Modjoul from the start, and his expertise in electrical engineering has been essential in the design and development of Modjoul’s solutions. We also loved what Itmenon had to say about Modjoul’s evolution and future! Question: How long have you been with Modjoul?Itmenon: I have […]

Team Spotlight: Q&A with Joshua Turner

Meet Joshua Turner, one of our client strategy and solutions managers here at Modjoul. Joshua joined the Modjoul team a couple of years after our founding. He has been helping clients across a wide range of industries integrate Modjoul’s solutions and analyze the wealth of data our platform provides ever since! Learn more about him […]

Modjoul Develops New Solution: The New Employee Model

Using our blend of ergonomics, technology, and data science, Modjoul has developed a new solution to a long-standing problem: the high number of injuries suffered by new employees. New workers are five times more likely to be injured on the job than more experienced employees. These injuries can be costly, hinder employee morale, and decrease business efficiency. […]

Team Spotlight: Q&A with Sarah Essich

Say hello to Sarah Essich, our Director of Client Strategies and Solutions here at Modjoul. Sarah is one of our team’s most experienced and knowledgeable members, and we’d love for you to get to know more about her role and why she’s so passionate about our work.  Question: How long have you been with Modjoul? […]