Forklift Safety Q+A with Hunter Burgett

Roughly a year ago, Modjoul announced our new forklift safety system and started to introduce it into workplaces that were seeking a better way to protect workers. Because some of the most devastating worker injuries are the result of forklift accidents and collisions, there has been significant interest in this new solution. While every workplace […]

Team Spotlight: Q&A with Praveen Nedumpully, PhD

Meet Praveen Nedumpully, Modjoul’s Head of Data Science. Praveen leads a team around which nearly everything Modjoul does revolves, working directly with our technology and client strategy teams on an everyday basis. So what does that look like? Learn more from Praveen himself! Question: How long have you been with Modjoul?Praveen: I have been with […]

Modjoul Technology Granted Patent

Over the course of nearly 10 years building Modjoul from the ground up, we’ve celebrated quite a few important milestones. Perhaps none bigger than the one we’re announcing today: The granting of patent protection for the Modjoul SmartBelt, our belt-based safety wearable device. Additional patents are pending for our proprietary technologies and solutions. This initial patent […]

Case Study: Modjoul Solves Client’s Asset Loss Problem

If you have spent much time getting to know Modjoul, you may have seen our unofficial motto: At our core, we’re problem-solvers. We know what you’re probably thinking: Nice words, but what exactly does that mean for me? Glad you asked! Here’s just one real-life example: During one of our regular data review and status […]

How Modjoul Helps Companies Transition Safety From Procedural to Cultural

It may sound trite, but it’s unquestionably true: Today’s business leaders must navigate historic disruptions to keep their companies on solid footing. From supply chain and workforce development challenges to ever-growing regulatory demands, leadership teams that deliver sustained profits while optimizing operations must be both more disciplined and more agile than ever, able to respond […]

Modjoul’s Birthday: Q&A with Our Founders

History of Modjoul  Modjoul is celebrating its 7th year in operation this month. From a startup housed above a pizza shop to a company with clients from coast to coast, it has been a fast-paced ride. We took some time to look back with CEO Eric Martinez and COO Jen Thorson, Modjoul’s co-founders, on the […]

OSHA Changes Take Aim At Serial Violators Through New ‘Instance-By-Instance’ Citations

Most industrial companies and operations stress “safety-first” messages to their employees and stakeholders. Unfortunately, some of those companies are “safety-first” in principle, but “profits-first” in practice. Those companies are the primary drivers of new enforcement mechanisms announced by OSHA earlier this year. They went into effect on March 27. OSHA devised the new enforcement tools […]

Modjoul Announces First-of-Its-Kind Forklift Safety System

Much of what we do at Modjoul is blend ergonomics, tech and data analysis to create new, custom solutions to longstanding challenges. But while we have built a team around those three areas, our teams do not operate in silos because we believe the convergence of those disciplines holds the most promise for workplace safety breakthroughs.

How Modjoul’s SmartBelt Protects Hospitality Workers

Beyond the ergonomic and repetitive motion hazards inherent in their job, hospitality workers deal with significant workplace safety threats. While there is no single clearinghouse of data on the subject, available statistics point to the widespread problem of sexual harassment and even physical threats that hotel workers face on the job. A 2016 survey conducted […]